Going for a long ride, circling the block and coming home again is a pleasant way to spend a day.
On a ride like this though you are not circling or returning anywhere, but instead looking for a place to call home each day. No road is ridden more than once, unless you need to backtrack after taking a wrong turn. But even wrong turns can turn out right if you continue long enough as you end up in the most unexpected but wonderful places.
That's the good thing with making it up as you go along. Missed the turning you were intending to take ? No problem there are plenty more ahead. Not sure where you are ? If it matters that much look at a map and make new plans. A couple of the most scenic and pleasant roads I have ridden have been when I couldn't be bothered to stop and check my position ending with me missing a turn that I had previously decided I would take.
Today I spent a couple of hours on a gently undulating back country road with just 5 other vehicles - 3 scooters, a bicyle and a telecoms truck parked so that the engineer could climb the pole from the back of the truck. I got a Hello, smile or wave from all of them.

I have been cycling for 13 days out of the 19 days I have been here, as well as a couple of rides with Robert and one into Chaing Mai. I have covered 1450 km so far. Today has been a rest day after yesterdays mamoth effort. Tomorrow is going to be very easy though, as it's 60km and nearly all down hill to the next major town.
Mae Hong Son is acually the capital of the province. I've been told there is an excellent bike mechanic there that has just fixed the pedal of a Dutch mountain biker called Eric that I met last night in the guest house.
I also met up again there with Geert and Ben (Belgian and German) who I met in Chaen Mai the previous night. We spent a pleasant hour or so over dinner and parted thinking we would not meet again. They had hired a couple of scooters and were doing the same loop that I was making around the north west of Thailand. However, as I made an early start and got some good miles in before the heat hit me I was able to make the next town large enough to have a hotel. As I pulled into the parking area in front of reception I saw their scooters again. It was too late to joind them for dinner but we had a good chat again and agreed to meet in the next town.
When we first met I told them about how hard I found some of the climbs. They told me they were struggling in first gear too. When they realised I was cycling their tone changed. They even offered to tow me up some hills the next day. I must admit the offer was tempting, especially when they eventually caught up with me.
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