A home from home
I'd contacted Robert through the warmshowers.org website, a meeting place for touring cyclists and potential hosts to meet. Robert is a German engineer who has lived in this part of the world for a few years, cycles just about every day and invites touring cyclists into his home. Well, I should say into my home. I have been given a beautiful 3 - 4 bedroom teak built house with stereo, TV and even the laptop I am writing this post on to myself for my stay. The house is their 'guest' house, next door to, and in the grounds of thier main house.
I initially contacted him and asked if it was possible to drop by for a couple of nights in order to take a look at the city of Chaing Mai, the so called 'capital of the north'. The old city is a 1.5km by 1.5km square entirely surrounded by a moat that is about 15 metres wide by my reckoning. Although a bustling city it still retains some old world charm and interest.

Kung and Robert could not have been more welcoming and friendly. Left to my own devices to decide whether to keep myself to myself or to joing them in their own living space. We went for a few rides and Robert helped me look for a solution to my ongoing pedal problem. One of the the new pedals that I bought just over a week ago is starting to play up. Unfortunately it's the same side as the older pair, which means that I can't even mix and match them to make a working pair. It's still spinning but is stiffer than it should be. Roberts valiant efforts along with Marcus from Crouching tiger tours ( www.crouchingtigertours.com) who went off to look for the aforementioned tool came to nothing. No-one has the tool to disassemble it so I am having to put up with it.

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